Millions of Active Pro-Trump Redditors Concealed By Site

An inquiry launched by Right Side Politics reveals almost 94% of subscribers to the popular Pro-Trump subreddit /r/The_Donald are suppressed from public view.
According to the website’s own advertising totals, over 5.6 Million users are withheld from the public subscriber counts.
Reddit Ads
The screenshots below, time-stamped by our staff, highlight in detail what appears to be an egregious act of alleged censorship towards this particular subreddit.
Below is a screen shot of /the_donald’s subscriber count as presented to advertisers. Note: it reads 6,014,248 subscribers.
Below is a screen shot of /the_donald’s public subscriber count. Note it reads 385,219.
Below is a screenshot of the Reddit advertising platform. Note the total daily impressions: 28 Million.
Reddit Ads Screenshot
The anomaly was discovered after a digital advertising partner noticed a significant difference between the public facing subscriber counts and the advertising totals provided by Reddit.
You may recall, this is not the first time the popular Pro-Trump subreddit has clashed with the site’s staff. Last November the site drew heavy criticism after its CEO, Steve Huffman, publicly announced his plan to suppress posts from the /r/The_Donald from the rest of the site’s community.
To ensure this latest act of suppression wasn’t a site-wide problem, we compared the number of subreddit subscribers listed on the advertising platform page with the actual number of subscribers available for the public to view.
A screenshot of these comparisons is below.
RSP Reddit Findings
A screen shot of the total subscribers of the top subs as well as analysis.
The average subscriber difference between advertising and publicly available counts for the top 11 subreddits (excluding /r/The_Donald) was a 43%. The percentage difference for /r/The_Donald was 1485%.
You be the judge.