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Send Brick to Congress

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America’s borders are wide open. President trump has everything ready to BUILD THE WALL, but Congress is getting in his way. 

In order to provide encouragement to elected officials,  we are offering the chance to send a 6-pound brick to Congress.  There are 1933 miles of border and we want to send a brick to every representative until every square inch is protected by a wall. 

By placing an order, we will mail a brick to your congressional representative. You will receive a tracking link and also be able to write a custom note to your official. 

 Don't let Congress get away with leaving America defenseless. Ms13 and radical Islamic terrorized, along with CNN, want to keep the back door to America un defended. Send a brick to Congress and remind them what they should do!

If you would like to have your brick shipped to someone else besides your congressman, please let us know on the checkout page. 

We will match your shipping address back to your elected representative.